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Artist's Box
Ann Williams CraftTastic, Artists BoxAnn Williams CraftTastic, Artists BoxAnn Williams CraftTastic, Artists Box

Artist's Box

  • How do you challenge children to listen to their inner artist? You give them a variety of materials and then you ask them to do something original. The 7 fun challenges inside this kit will inspire kids to use their imagination, think for themselves and solve problems creatively. Will they be the next Monet, Warhol or O’Keefe? There’s no telling what their creative side will come up with!

    – Kids will make their artistic interpretations of a mobile, collage, sculpture, self portrait —and more
    – Each kit contains 7 cards with a number of prompts on each card challenging them to make something unique
    – To help them, kids will find tissue paper, embroidery thread, cotton twine, pom poms, straws, feathers, styrofoam balls—and more—in order to create their 7 projects
    – Ages 6 and up

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Located in the West Village in downtown NYC Teich Toys & Books is a family run toy store
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