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Deluxe Railway Set
Brio, Deluxe Railway SetBrio, Deluxe Railway SetBrio, Deluxe Railway SetBrio, Deluxe Railway SetBrio, Deluxe Railway Set

Deluxe Railway Set

  • It is an early morning downtown and a cargo ship pulls into the harbor. Trucks start lining up to unload cargo. Business as usual, with a lot of activity. This is the most complete BRIO Rail & Road world set, with a total of 87 playing pieces! It comes complete with road and rail tracks, stations, bridges, cargo cranes, container ship, truck, bus, play figures and more. Designed in Sweden, it sparks children’s imagination, concentration and fine motor skills.

    Set includes: 36 x Tracks, 3 x Roads, 2 x Ramps, 2 x Level Crossings, 5 x Play Figures, 1 x Suitcase, 1 x Train Signal, 1 x Traffic Sign, 1 x Ticket Machine, 7 x Rock Supports, 2 x Track Supports, 3 x Stations, 1 x Metro Tunnel, 4 x Cargo Loads, 1 x Cargo Ship, 3 x Bridges, 1 x Crane, 2 x Vehicles, 2 x Cargo Wagons, 1 x Freight Train, 3 x Metro Train Cars, 3 x Travel Train Cars, 1 x Map, 1 x Map Base, 2 x LR44 Batteries

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