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Wooden Magic Table Set
Fantasma, Magic Table SetFantasma, Magic Table SetFantasma, Magic Table SetFantasma, Magic Table Set

Wooden Magic Table Set

  • This deluxe wooden magic table doubles as a carrying case for over 150 great tricks!

    – Make coins vanish from one cup and appear in another with the Magic Coin Cups!
    – Produce a mountain of candy from the Magic Production Box!
    – The Baffling Boomerangs will fool your eyes!
    – Make 3 balls penetrate 3 cups with the Cups And Balls!
    – Pass solid metal through solid metal with the magic classic, Linking Rings
    – Restore torn cards, vanish cards and change one card to another with the Card Case!

    All of these tricks and more fit inside the beautifully painted and detailed retro-look wooden table/case for easy storage and transport, and the included instructional video download makes these tricks easy to learn and awesome to perform!

    – Ages 6 & up

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