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Money Magic Tin
Fantasma, Money Magic TinFantasma, Money Magic Tin

Money Magic Tin

  • The Fantasma Magic Money Magic Set contains everything you need to do magic with money, all in a great retro-style metal tin!

    – Make an ordinary dollar bill float in the air above your hand!
    – Make coins appear, disappear and change into other coins with the Coin Stand!
    – Vanish a dollar bill with the Time Capsule!
    – Push solid spikes through a solid coin!
    – Multiply your dollar signs with the Four-Sided Card!

    – Ages 6 & up
    – 35+ Tricks
    – Set includes: 4-Sided Card, Floating Bill, Appearing Coin Base, Spike Thru Coin, Vanishing Bill Tube, and Book of Secrets

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