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Max Raccoon in Picnic Overalls

Max Raccoon in Picnic Overalls

  • Hazel Village, Max Raccoon in Picnic Overalls

    Max Raccoon has a hollow tree behind his house. He has installed numerous shelves and cubbyholes inside it, and there he keeps cool things that he finds: bits of crockery that he makes into wind chimes, good paper bags he's saving, presents from his friends, jars of pickles and jam, etc.

    He’s made of organic cotton fleece with a soft brushed flannel texture, and pale blue shirting in his ears. His adorable loden green picnic overalls are made from organic cotton jersey; and they're removable for added play value.

    He is the same size as all the other Hazel Village dolls and animals, so he can share clothes with them! Or see all the Hazel Village extra Doll Clothing.

    Materials: Organic cotton fleece with polyfill

    Approx. 14in tall

    Suitable for all ages.

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