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Kid Expert: Ann's Holiday Picks

Holidays are family time. Ann (age 9) recently visited Teich Toys & Books and chose great gifts for her brother and sister. She also reminded us of a few easy ways toys can bring kids (and grown-ups) together. Check out her great gift ideas here:

Choose gifts to make AND share: “I would really like this [ballerina] kit for 2 reasons. One is because I like making stuff like this. The second reason is I could give the finished doll to my little sister and she would really enjoy playing with it.”

Buy games everyone can play: “[Pie Face!] is a really fun game! I played it with my family and it’s not that much to clean up. And it looks really funny. We put whipped cream on it and we got to eat the whipped cream when it got smacked on our faces.”

Get siblings separate sets that work together: “This set (on the left) would be good for my sister (age 2) because she can just put the pieces together and it’s easy for a young kid. This other set would be for my bother (age 5) because he can make a car and that’s more complicated. But then they could also play with them together.”

Kids gladly share BIG sets of open-ended toys: “These [Snapo] are just good for everybody. They’re really fun to do. You can just sit there doing them for a while and not get bored. I actually like them more than Legos because you can snap them more ways and that’s really more creative.” 

Reading is for learning AND snuggling: Ann frequently reads to her bother and sister. She chose a new book for each.

Robosauce: Ann’s brother “loves [the book] Dragons loves Tacos. He will like Robosauce because its by the same author and it's also funny. And he loves robots."

Shapes: Ann’s baby sister “likes learning stuff with me.  So I could point out shapes to her and teach her. And I like this one because it has animals too.”

Kids need quiet time alone, too: “This one is for me— I can work on these for hours in my room!"

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Our extended store hours are 10:00 to 8:00 through December 23rd!

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