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Kid O, AlphabuildKid O, AlphabuildKid O, Alphabuild


  • Connect the colorful rectangles, squares, and curves to make upper-case letters! The pieces are magnetic, so they snap together easily.
    What can you make with A and B and C?
    Now take them apart and free build!
    The magnetic tiles have a stripe of white across the top to help you see the letters more easily. The colorful parts of the tiles are yellow, blue, aqua, green, red, and pink.
    Learn your letters or make a fun scene; it's all up to your creative mojo!

    – Ages 3 and up
    – Free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead
    – Includes 20 magnetic build pieces

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Located in the West Village in downtown NYC Teich Toys & Books is a family run toy store
offering engaging and inspiring products for New York City kids and visitors of all ages.