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Neighbors the Yard Critters Book 1

Neighbors the Yard Critters Book 1

  • This oversized picture book features poems about animals that children might find in their own backyards: a raccoon, rabbit, squirrel, bear, bat, turtle, garter snake, earthworm, robin, and groundhog. The elephant is the exception, and readers are told that one may be viewed by 'Googling' it. A few of the poems rhyme, while others use sound play—alliteration, assonance, consonance. Jagged drawings, digitally collaged, often with patterned papers for bushes, grass, and animals, hold a few surprises in the expansive white space.

    In addition, Held's no-holds-barred approach to writing offers opportunities to learn vocabulary that might not appear in other picture books.

    Author: George Held
    Age Range: 5 - 9 Years

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