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Plush Unicorn
Sigikid, Uni Que Stuffed UnicornSigikid, Uni Que Stuffed Unicorn

Plush Unicorn

  • Nope, not all fabled creatures are pink. sigikid’s ultimate designer unicorn comes in a perfectly natural color range from vanilla to chocolate, thank you very much. She prides herself in her completely unique toothy smile, fluffy multicolor fetlocks, mane and tail as well as an actually sparkling horn (touch it and make a wish!). Favorite activities include preening and prancing.
    At a height of 22 inches, Uni Que tends to tower above the rest and to monopolize attention with her anecdotes of castles and maidens. This stuffed unicorn makes an ideal gift for little boys, little girls, teenagers with a lively imagination, families with or without kids, faculty members, artists, grandparents, well, let’s just say anyone at all!

    – Ages 3 and up

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