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Simply Summer Fun!

No flashing lights, no annoying bleeps and bloops, no batteries- just a flick of the wrist and the fun keeps coming. Classic wooden hand toys like our Jacob’s Ladder, Cup & Ball, and YoYo have been surprising and delighting kids for ages. Sometimes it’s the simple things…

Find your way this Summer

Whether at summer camp, on an adventure in a foreign land, or right in your own back yard, these practical picks will help you get where you’re going and find what you’re looking for.
•Nite Hiker headlamp- Great for indoors or out, this headlamp has an adjustable elastic strap to fit most children, a tilting lamp, and has red AND white LED lights! Great for lighting the way in the dark and keeping kids visible.
•Navigator’s Wrist Compass- With it’s sturdy wooden construction and flexible band this practical accessory will keep kids on course.
•Magnifying Glass- What better way to conduct an investigation than with Moulin Roty’s classic magnifying glass. Presented in a charmingly illustrated sliding box featuring French spies Miss Alice and Nestor Pruneau. Evil-doers beware!

Refreshingly Responsible!

You’ve always got to keep kids hydrated but especially in the Summer months and these clever beverage containers from Drink in the Box can help you eliminate the waste of all those juice boxes and even cut down on sugar consumption if you water down their drinks. Four fun colors to choose from!

Summer... Safe & Sound

At the beach, by the pool, or even just walking down Seventh Avenue, it’s good to know your kids are covered. Sprinkles, sparkles and splash protection…Oh My!
•Swimming Goggles- These glamorous goggles from Bling2O feature UV protection, anti-fog coating, are latex-free, and come packaged in hard case. Bling included!
•Splash Screen- Sparkle Screen now comes in a water resistant formula- with NO SPARKLES! This SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum zinc based water resistant contains NO PABA, Parabens, Cinnamates or Benzones.
•Sparkle Screen Roll-on- Birthday cake scented sunscreen roll-on with Red & Blue Glitter?!? Yes Please! Paba and Paraben free and loaded with nourishing ingredients, this 80 minute water resistant SPF sunscreen is a bottle of pure FUN!

Fun is in the air!

•SuperDisc- Known for its long, stable, and accurate flight, the Super Disc by Aerobie features a cushioned edge for a secure grip and nice soft catches. And it FLOATS!
•Squidgie Disc- Good to throw when you’re on the go! This soft, flexible and easy to throw flying disc is great for beginners. Roll it up, toss it in a backpack, and get throwing!

Have a Ball!

Balls. They’ve been around since the beginning, maybe even before that. But, did you know that they come in shapes other than round? Well they do! And we’ve got ‘em.
•Teich Classic Foam Football- What can we say... It’s a classic!
•Rocket Football- This football from the future has curved fins for perfect spirals every time and is just right for young kids learning to throw.
•Foxtail LED- The modern classic Foxtail from Cassidy Labs has been updated for the future with LED lights. Spin to throw and catch by the tail, just like usual- but now the fun won’t stop when the sun goes down.

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Essentials for Summer Fun!

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