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Magnetic Wooden Blocks
Jumper Set
Tegu, JumperTegu, JumperTegu, JumperTegu, JumperTegu, Jumper

Magnetic Wooden Blocks
Jumper Set

  • Kids will be as attracted to these irresistibly innovative blocks as the blocks are to each other. Magnets safely embedded in these cleverly designed, eco-friendly building blocks take a time honored classic to a whole new level! This terrific 25 piece set of high flying hardwood blocks will provide the bravest and boldest builders with hours of gravity defying play to inspire young imaginations and engage their ingenuity.

    Set includes: 2 Short Planks, 2 Mega Planks, 2 Triangles, 1 Cube, 2 Ramps, 1 Stunt Team Character, 2 Truck Cabs, 2 Jumper Axles, 2 Motorcycle Chassis, 1 Jumper Harness, 4 Wheels, 4 Speed Wheels, and Inspiration Manual

    – Ages 3 and up
    – Designed in the USA
    – Eco-friendly hardwoods
    – Safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers
    – Contains magnets

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