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Magnetic Wooden Blocks
Sticky Monsters - Pip
Tegu, PipTegu, PipTegu, PipTegu, PipTegu, Pip

Magnetic Wooden Blocks
Sticky Monsters - Pip

  • Kids will be as attracted to these irresistibly innovative blocks as the blocks are to each other. Magnets safely embedded in these cleverly designed, eco-friendly building blocks take a time honored classic to a whole new level! This fantastic 8 piece set of monstrously decorated hardwood blocks will provide budding builders with hours of gravity defying play to inspire young imaginations and engage their ingenuity.

    Set includes: 2 short planks, 4 monster horns, 1 pip torso, 1 Pip tail

    – Ages 1 and up
    – Designed in the USA
    – Eco-friendly hardwoods
    – Safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers
    – Contains magnets

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