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I have major feelings about June. As a 20 year resident of the West Village, June has always been my favorite time of year because of NYC Pride. The neighborhood is festooned with rainbows, people are out enjoying the warm weather, and self-expression is encouraged and celebrated more than ever.

It was in June 2014 that I opened Teich Toys & Books on Hudson Street. The space had huge windows facing our local playground (a place where I spent a lot of time with my toddler son). As a child myself I loved coming into the city to see the department store holiday windows, and I wanted to recreate that experience for the children in the West Village. Over the years we created a lot of magic in those windows.

June 2020 was the one that broke the spell and due to the pandemic, we had to close our doors for good. It was an emotional and difficult time for our whole country. My hope is this June brings us some healing and joy.

Over the past year, as Teich Toys has transitioned online, I've been encouraged by the support of customers new and old. When I see orders coming in from all over the country, I am reminded that our community always was much broader than the West Village.

I'd love to share some of my favorite Teich Pride moments, our June windows from years past. I'm proud of our West Village roots and the beauty and fun our team created on Hudson Street. To see more, check out our Pinterest board. And if you have any fun photos of the store to share, please send them my way.



Teich Toys Pride Window 2017


Teich Toys Pride Window 2018


Teich Toys, Pride 2016 Temporary Tattoo Parlor
Teich Toys Pride 2016, Temporary Tattoo Parlor
Teich Toys Pride Window 2018
Teich Toys Pride 2016 Window Display
Teich Toys, Pride 2019 Window
Teich Toys, Pride 2016 Window

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