Restocked in Timeless Bestsellers

These classic toys make great gifts for kids and adults alike. They're tried-and true favorites beloved for generations. Below are our top 10 all-time bestsellers.

1. Get quick answers to your most important questions with the Magic 8 Ball, the classic fortune-telling toy that was invented in 1946.

2.   The ultimate laugh-inducing prank is still funny after all these years. The Whoopee Cushion has been used as a prank since ancient times, though the version we are all familiar with today was invented in 1930 by employees in a Canadian rubber factory. Our version is 8" and as loud and hilarious as you remember.

3. The Mischief Maker is a modern wooden Slingshot, a fun and safe twist on one of the world's most popular classic toys. This version allows kids to be kids, but also ensures they play safely. And boy are they eye-catching!

4. Paddle Ball, the classic solo game that's still fun after all these years. Bounce the attached rubber ball against the target on the 10" paddle. Great for dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

5. Bang Snaps. Remember these? You throw them at the ground and the emit a loud, satisfying "pop." Perfect for pranks, celebrations, or anytime outdoor fun!

6. Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that has been played for centuries by young and old alike. This addictive toss and catch toy sharpens hand-eye coordination and concentration as you juggle the ball between the cups and spike. Endless tricks to learn and master. 

7. Challenge your mind with the most famous brainteaser puzzle of all time. The Rubik's Cube offers hours of entertainment and a great way to keep busy. Spin and turn your way to success - and maybe even bragging rights - with this ultimate fidget toy!


8. The Original Slinky is a timeless classic that has been entertaining children and adults for over 75 years. This metal spring toy walks downstairs and makes a distinctive slink-ity sound.

9. Pick-Up Sticks is a simple yet addictive game that is said to have been invented by ancient Native Americans. The objective is to carefully move and collect the your color stick without disturbing the others. All you need is a steady hand and a good eye to win! 

10. The Rainbow Pom Ball is the easy-to-catch squishy pom ball that was all the rage in the late 1980s. At 3½”, these are still perfect for all sorts of games or as a fidget toy. 

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