Light Up the Night with Glow in the Dark Gamesđź’ˇ

As summer rides off into the sunset, and night arrives earlier and earlier, glowing games and toys are a fun way for kids to welcome and even celebrate the dark.

Turn the lights off after dinner and create an exciting family game night, screen-free. Or enjoy a warm Fall evening in the yard. Glowing games and toys are always a hit at slumber parties.

Have a pack of glow sticks in your junk drawer? Pull them out and have some family fun with these creative ideas.

Check out some of our top picks for glow-in-the-dark games and toys below. Endless fun awaits the brave!

A novel way to play Capture the Flag. Glowing game pieces light the way to exhilarating exercise as players of all ages run, hide, and chase to win. Compete in teams, form a strategy, protect your base and create memories.

 2. Glow Ninja Battle

Battle like a ninja samurai! Play organized sword fighting games using (harmless!) glowing foam weapons.

Classic pool games now glow! Use this light-up game set to play Sharks & Minnows, dive games, treasure hunts, and other swimming games with a new twist.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, this unique hide and seek game sparks play time in the dark. Kids run about searching for the next firefly to add to the jar. Winner of the 2019 GAME OF THE YEAR award by Creative Child Magazine.

Rides on a cushion of air and glides across with a push or kick. A lively and fun combination of soccer and air hockey. Its rubber edges and low surface make it sturdy and the black light allows for night time play. The soft outer rim is furniture friendly and gives amazing rebound!

Enjoy hours of nighttime fun with this Light Up Disc. This competition-weight (175 grams), aerodynamic disc is made of tough, flexible plastic, and features brightly-glowing LEDs for throwing at night. Good for intense play or casual family fun.

Kids can share camp stories into the wee hours of the night with this 7" tall LED lantern. Includes steady or flashing mode.

Poptastic Poppers: Glow in the Dark Collection features the most irresistible fidget-toy. A new take on a classic favorite - bubble wrap, but with endless popping fun. These toys are great to keep little hands busy popping, pushing, and playing all day! 
The flashing neutron ball is an intriguing little wonder that bounces just like a ball, but features a blazing array of star shapes interwoven around a light-up center. 
Stainless steel rings lie flat–until they come to life with your touch and transform into a mesmerizing geometric fidget toy. Watch the shape continuously spin, move, and glide under your gentle direction. Flip off the light because it glows too!  

This soft and pliable dough glows in the dark.

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