The Cuddliest Plush from Steiff

Send someone a huggable new friend! 

Stuffed animals make a thoughtful baby gift, something little ones will treasure and hold onto as they grow up. With their soft coats and charming faces, we adore these new arrivals from Steiff.

Steiff has been making stuffed toys for more than 140 years and invented the teddy bear in back in 1902. There's a reason their toys are beloved by children generation after generation. 

1. Tots will love this Classic Teddy Bear with his soft golden coat, sweet face, articulating arms and legs, and loose stuffing that make him just right for snuggles.

2. Who could resist this grin? Ockto the Octopus is handmade from cuddly plush blue fabric and her head is stuffed with beans which help hold the shape. Her 8 sweet tentacles each have an elastic band sewn inside, allowing them to spring back when tugged.  

3. Tory the Blue Whale is sure to make a big splash at playtime! Handmade from blue ultra-soft and cuddly plush with a happy orange smile. The sweet tuft on his back represents water spouting from his blowhole. His playful pose and bean bag filled belly are perfect for display on the shelf or snuggling in someone's arms.

4. Tuggy the Turtle is sewn from ultra-soft fabrics in shades of green. His nose, and mouth are embroidered, and his sweet peepers are safety eyes. Bean bags are sewn into his legs, making him extra fun to snuggle. Tuggy's head can be tucked inside his shell, an enchanting feature that's sure to delight all who play with him.

5. Hoppie Bunny Rabbit has a cute pink nose and super long, soft ears that make her the perfect snuggle companion. The bean bags in her seat, paws and soles ensure good support and are ideal for gripping and feeling. 

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