Earth Day Tie-Dye Project 🌎✌️

I've long been a big fan of tie-dyed clothing, and own many treasured pieces. I love how no two designs ever look the same, and it's a great way to breathe new life into clothing that is stained or faded.

I hate to admit it, but I've never actually tie-dyed anything myself. I've only ever purchased pieces by other artists. So in honor of Earth Day, I decided it's time I learn and would do so with our DIY Tie Dye Kit. The process was easier than I expected and very satisfying. I used a sweatshirt that was too stained to wear anymore, but that I wasn't ready to part with because I love the fit.

The DIY kit has very clear instructions and is perfect for the novice. It comes with gloves, rubber bands, and 3 dyes (red, yellow, blue). The kit has enough dye for 2 pieces...1 if you're doing something large and bulky, like an adult hoodie.

Follow my process below, and see how it came out.

Here's what comes inside the kit. Additional items you will need are white vinegar, salt, and of course your item of clothing.

Soak the garment in water, then wring out and allow to dry a bit. I threw mine in the dryer for 15 minutes to speed up the process. You want it damp, but not soaking wet.

Pinch the fabric in and twist until the garment is round and compact. Secure with rubber bands.

 Add water to the dye containers and shake well. 

Apply each color to a section of the bundle, making sure to do both sides and into the crevices. Overlap the colors at the edges so you get some bleeding. 

Put the garment in a plastic bag for 4-6 hours to allow the dyes to set. I reused a plastic clam shell container and let it sit overnight. 

Remove the rubber bands and rinse well. 

Soak in a bowl of 4 parts water and 1 part white vinegar, plus a tablespoon of salt. Let that sit for an hour.

Rinse well and dry. 

And voila!


Not bad for a beginner, eh?

Have any tie-dying tips to share? Drop it in the comments below. (Anyone know how to keep the white parts a crisp white and not light pink?) 



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