9 Toddler Toys to Treasure

We're all about baby and toddler toys that are built to last and won't end up in the giveaway pile or trash. Toys inherently have a short window of use, so we look to stock heirloom pieces you can pass along from sibling to sibling (and beyond!) Our wood toys are made from high quality, responsibly sourced wood, a material both parents and kids tend to prefer over plastic. 

We've selected our top 9 wood toys that will encourage tots to use their imagination for hours of make-believe fun!

1. Workbench

This cleverly designed wooden Carpenter's Workbench includes a wooden spanner, file and hammer and lots of nuts and bolts. When it's time to pack up, everything can be stored away neatly by turning the bench upside down and placing all of the items inside. Includes a built in carry handle, so easy to travel with.

2. My First Train Set

My First Train Set is a chunky toy train set with pieces that are easy to grab by little hands. The bright colors are great for stimulating little minds and are made with child-friendly paint, stains and lacquers.

3. Food Mixer

Aspiring bakers can mix up some delicious pretend-play treats with this realistic food mixer with interactive features. There is an on/off dial, a liftable mixer that rotates, and a bowl awaiting ingredients. The on/off dial makes a realistic clicking noise. With its quality wooden construction, this set is an essential play kitchen accessory.


4. Cake Stand

With this realistic toy food set, young hosts can serve afternoon tea with mouth-watering treats on a decorative cake stand. The cake stand comprises two tiers to display a doughnut, macarons, a Battenberg slice, a cupcake, a Victoria Sponge slice and more. A great addition to any wooden play kitchen.

5. Tea set

This wooden playset has everything they need to host the perfect tea party: a teapot with lid, 2 wooden cups and saucers, sugar pot with lid, 2 wooden spoons, a milk jug and tray.

6. Table Top BBQ

Kids can grill, cook and roast their wooden play food - just like Mom and Dad do! This colorful wooden toy comes packed with everything that a junior chef needs, including charcoal blocks, a removable grill, miniature tongs, and 10 pieces of play food.  With no screws required, it is easily assembled in seconds. When playtime is over, the wooden play food can be neatly stored under the wooden grill. 

7. Picnic Basket

This traditional Picnic Basket comes with all the picnic essentials: wooden sandwiches, strawberries, apples, cartons of orange juice, plates, a wicker basket and matching picnic blanket. Fun for indoor and outdoor play!

8. City Magnetic Board

This fun Magnetic Board set will teach children about different modes of transport and what they might find in a busy city, while encouraging them to use their imagination and come up with their own stories. Features 16 chunky wooden magnets that can be used on the magnetic board, or on any other metal surface, such as the fridge! 

9. Doctor's Set


This beautifully crafted wooden Doctor's Kit has everything a young doctor needs to nurse sick teddies back to health. Children can listen to their patient's heart using the stethoscope, check their temperature with the thermometer, and even take a look in their ears with the otoscope. The 10 piece wooden doctors kit also includes a medicine cream bottle, reflex hammer, syringe, clipboard with paper, apron and bandage, all supplied in a colorful carry bag with a handle. 


That's it for this week's round-up. Now get to PLAY!

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